The Orbi hand pan is made from two sheets of steel that are spun, tuned and attached together to create 'a flying Saucer shaped instrument'. The top of the Orbi has a centre note spun into it with eight tone fields sunk around its upper surface with dimples. The bottom is a plain surface that has a rolled hole in the centre with a tuned note that can be created when the rim is played. Each tone field has multiple overtones oriented specifically in the flattened field with 'dimples' roughly at the centre.

We must pay a special tribute to the original makers of the Hang for developing the steel pan concept further which has now evolved into the most interesting instruments of today. By taking the development of the Caribbean steel pan further, it shows that they are a big hearted group to allow others to partake in this development just as the Caribbean makers of the steel pans did all those years ago - teaching people from across the world to learn how to make and tune the instruments so that this development work could be carried forward to what it is today.

We are a Caribbean Steel pan maker and have now decided to break with tradition to make the brilliant sounding Orbi hand pan. The Orbi can be played by your children or those who do not consider themselves 'musical' almost at once. There are no wrong notes that you could play, therefore it is ideal for a teach yourself instrument that will give you hours of total enjoyment and the best results if you practise constantly. It is also ideal for schools and for music therapy.